With Home Automation Technology you can control just about anything you want to

● Turn on/off lights, when you come in, when you go to bed, when in a different room, when no one is in a room and when people come and go.
● Have a different program for various events, such as when you're on holiday.

● Check to see if windows and doors are opened or closed.
● View cameras remotely.
● Set off an alarm, start recording via a camera.

● Open the garage door, activate security lighting and unlock the front door when you arrive home.
● Programme lights to come on and go off at specific times e.g. when family members are due home.

● Lock/unlock doors, view the Door Entry System and speak to the person at the door, all from the comfort of your chair or anywhere in the world.

● Change the colour or dim the lights when watching TV, reading or enjoying that romantic meal.

● Monitor and adjust climate controls.
● Control audio/visual devices.

● Protect children from off limit areas.
● Receive a text/email notification if a smoke detector goes off, the system detects a water leak, a window opens or a sensor is triggered.

● Automatically or remotely turn off appliances when not in use or that have been left on.
● Remotely lock doors.

● Program the system to perform an action based on another action.
● Turn on the coffee machine when you turn the lights on in the morning, switch the radio on, turn the heating on/up.

Your Home is Always Within Reach

The mobile app gives you complete control of your home from anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to monitor and control your home from anywhere with any WiFi, Internet or cellular data connection.

It’s so simple.