Special Features of Google Home

After Amazon Echo creating a big shot in the smart home market, now Google wants a slice of the pie with its voice-activated device- Google Home. Before you’ve made the between Amazon Echo and Google Home, it’s now time to figure out the differences between these two speaker.

The Introduction of Google Home

Google Home is not only a Wi-Fi speaker, it also performs as a control centre of a smart home and an assistant for your family. It help you to manage every-day tasks, such as doing online-shopping, setting up to-do-lists, and ask Google what you want to know. You can also use it to playback entertainment throughout your entire house.

Ask Google: screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-3-54-03-pm

When you talk to your smart home speaker, you may think of some simple question such as “What the weather is like today? “, “How can I get to London Bridge”. And even these simple questions may stump your smart speaker. However, with Googles Assistant which stores Google’s 17 years of search experience, you can ask very specific questions.Google said Google Home will give you immediate answers each time. Also, Google Home can read the relevant part of webpages back to you.

Smarthome Hub


Similarly as Amazon Echo, Google Home also works as a control centre by connecting your smart home and support popular network systems. That means you will be able to control smart lights, switches, doors, and Google’s own Nest products.

Biggest Difference between Google Home and Alexa


The biggest differences between these two device is, with Google Home, you can utilise other speakers through Wi-Fi and Google “Cast”. The Echo can also give your the flexibility if your have extra Amazon Tap or Dot in each room in terms of home entertainment system and smart home. However, Google Home has the ability to separately control other connected speakers with Google Cast support, you’ll be able to use Google Home to control other connected speakers in your home. You’ll even get multi-room playback, meaning you can add one or more Google Home devices to a group of speakers in order to blast tunes throughout your house. Furthermore, Google Home will let you control your video content, e.g. if you ask Home to “Play Nervous in the living room,” for instance, and the device in living room will have Nervous playing in no time.

Some experts believe that It will take some time before Google catches up with Echo’s vast library of skills. But Google Home does have some excellent skills now and we’re confident it will get there.