Popular Smart Home Hubs

A Smart home hub provides a centralised method to take control of your smart home devices like lights, locks, motion sensors, digital cameras or thermostats plus many more. With a smart home hub, you can cut down the number of apps required to control various devices. Instead, you will have one app that in most cases will acts as a universal remote.

Various companies are introducing new smart gadgets into the market on a weekly bases and it is sometimes hard to find the most suitable product. And when you find the one you like – it might not communicate with the other gadgets you have or be compatible with the Smart home hub of your choice. So what are the most popular options on the market today?

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings stands out clearly. Some specialists even think it is the best option for customers that have a wide variety of smart devices. The hub is easy to install and enables you to control the largest number of devices from your smartphone when compared to other hubs.


Amazon Echo

If you only have a few devices or are just entering the world of home automation, then try Amazon Echo. The voice control makes it the coolest home gadget on the market as you won’t even need your hands to operate it! It takes a few short commands to change your lighting mood and adjust your temperature so that you can settle in and enjoy your favourite movie. Amazon is being challenged by similar systems introduced by Google smart home (arrival on UK market yet to be confirmed) and Apple HomeKit but for now it is the voice-control hub that is in most demanded on the market.


Logitech Harmony

If you enjoy music and films, Logitech Harmony is undoubtedly an excellent choice for controlling your home entertainment system. A universal remote control that is not only compatible with a wide variety of smart home products, it can be also connected with the basic electrical devices, such as HDTVs, cable boxes and BluRay players.



Smart home hubs are still in their infancy and constantly evolving. Various players are fighting to lead the charge of the expanding home automation market, which has led to a degree of incompatibility between brands and confusion for homeowners.

We can take you through each step of the journey, from establishing your needs and selecting your products, to installing a user-friendly system and configuring its components. You may need help to get started, but once your system is up and running, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.