Providing Independance and Security

We all know someone who finds it more difficult to get around, who deserves their independence and to be comfortable in their own surroundings. With Home Automation you can ensure that they can control their surroundings and stay safe from the comfort of their chair. Smart homes can improve the life of people with disabilities and the elderly.

‘Smart Home, Smart Living – there are many ways to describe the benefits that come along with modern technique, thus offering more comfort and security. People with disabilities or the elderly can also take advantage from such a concept, being able to stay for longer years in their own home.’

  • Switch lights on and off, remotely, or have them go on and off automatically when they enter or leave a room.
  • See who is at the door, talk to them, open it remotely.
  • Turn on and off appliances.
  • Have text alerts sent to a relative if something unusual is detected in the property e.g. windows or doors open, motion is detected when it shouldn’t be, appliances are left on, there’s a water leak, smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are triggered.
  • Send an alarm in case of emergency.
  • Get notifications when family members arrive and leave home by placing a Presence Sensor in a purse, on a keychain, around a pet’s collar.
  • Stay comfortable by controlling the home’s temperature from anywhere. You can also save energy and money by setting compatible thermostats or portable heaters to automatically turn off when people leave.
  • With cameras installed a relative or friend can check remotely to see if everything is OK.